Oru Kuttanadan Blog Review

Oru Kuttanadan Blog review
Director Sethu’s directorial debut movie Oru kuttanadan blog review is promising for a decent watch and the director gets a green signal to proceed further for his directorial ventures in future. Throughout the movie, we can feel the experienced hand of a scenarist and that helps him to direct Oru Kuttanadan blog with Megastar in the lead without any flaws. Oru Kuttanadan blog review can be said in one line: A must watch fun-filled family entertainer of this year.

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Mammootty, as usual, excels in his role and shines as always with his charismatic acting. His performance is transcending director expectation and its treat to watch him on the silver screen. Mammootty mops the attention of viewers with his outstanding performance. He grabs attention from the very beginning of the movie and hooks us on till the end.

The three heroines in the movie played well in the movie. South Indian beautiful actress Laxmi Rai looks pretty in her sari costume and managed to build up a good chemistry with Mammootty. Shamna Kasim new get up as a police officer is apt for the movie and she gave justice to her character. Malayalam actress Anu Sithara, as usual, made wonders with her top-notch acting and excellent in throughout the movie. The scenes together with Mammootty and Anu Sithara are the brilliant combo and the highlight of the movie.

Kooroppada Village information in Kottayam | Things to Know

Kooroppada public library
A small town Kooroppada village information will help you to know further about this beautiful place belongs to Puthuppally constituency. Kooroppada is in Kottayam district near Pampady. As per the history Thekkum koor Dynasty; a small self-governing dynasty that was in power before AD 1750 in the southern part of  Kerala India. As per the history the Thekkum Koor kings having their headquarters at Vennimala near Pampady and their Army located at this place. In Malayalam Koor meaning is loyal and Pada means Army and the place of this loyal army become Koroppada.

Chennmattom Junction
Chennamattom Junction

The economy in Koorppada generally is from agriculture mainly rubber, cocoa, banana and Pineapple plantations. There is no river passing through this village but there are Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls a few kilometers away from Kooroppada. The public transport via Kooroppada is Transport and private buses. The nearby railway station is in Kottayam city. The population in Kooroppada Panchayat is approximately 25000.

Dharma Shasta Temple

Kooroppada is a harmonious village with a large number of temple and churches. Few of the main temples in Kooroppada are SN Puram Surya Narayana temple, Mathrumala Devi temple, Madappadu Bhagawati temple, Pangada Moothedath Bhagawati temple, Lakkattoor Shiva Parvathi temple, Kothala Ilankavu Bhagawati temple and Shree Dharmasastha temple. For Christian devotee’s prominent churches of this village are St.Maries Jacobite Syrian church and St Johns church Edakkattukunnu. So many educational institutes are running well in Kooroppada and it has a 98 percentage of literacy.


The are no major picnic spot for leisure activities in Kooroppada other than few libraries with recreational facilities. Although there are two giant rocks erecting near Chennamattom called Kochu Vilikkallu and Valiya Vilikkallu ( small calling rocks and big calling rocks). The two rocks have its own scenic beauty situated in the middle of rubber plantations. If we make sound it makes echo in between this huge rocks. There are few stories about this rocks connecting with Ramayana without any scientific evidence.

                                      St John's Orthodox Church Edakkattukunnu

For the entertainment, there is no movie theater in Kooroppada village. The nearby movie theater is located in the Kottayam town where we can enjoy the movies from worldwide. In 70’s there was one theater in Pampady known as Matha Theater. By the end of 90’s, it is closed down due to the wide acceptance of CD and DVD and the internet.


Oru Kuttanadan Blog Review | News Updates

Oru Kuttanadan blog movie Review and first reports
Mammootty's Oru Kuttanadan Blog is all set to release and will be back with its movie review. After the deadly flood affected to Kerala, the life is slowly coming back to normal except Kuttanad. The water level is still high in many areas of Kuttanad and many people still finding their shelter with relief camps or with their relatives. One of the main reasons is for the flood in Kuttanad is because this region is the lowest in India. The land in Kuttanad is 4ft to 10 ft below sea level and this phenomenon caused layman life in a trauma.
Oru Kuttanadan blog movie latest news

Although the Mammootty movie Oru Kuttanadan blog has nothing to do with flood-affected areas of Kuttanad don't misunderstand with the title. Mammootty looks charming and energetic in the trailer and movie posters along with three beautiful Malayalam actresses Laxmi Rai, Shama Kasim, and Anu Sithara. This movie is debuting directorial venture of scriptwriter Sethu.

Malayalam actress Anu Sithara is very excited about her role with megastar Mammootty in Oru Kuttanadaan Blog. This gorgeous twenty-three-year-old actress already optimized in the industry with her meticulous approach towards her career. She has been transcending with her past movies like Ramante Edenthottan and Captain. Anu Sithara is married and she is from Kalpetta Wayanadu District.

Oru Kuttanadan blog movie Review
Oru Kuttanadan blog planned to release earlier but due to the flood in Kerala, it is postponed. Now the movie is all set to release tomorrow on 14th September 2018. Mammootty's last movie was Abrahaminte Santhathikal was a blockbuster hit and completed 100days. It was directed by Shaji Padoor another debutant and it is only Mammootty encouraging new directors giving his date in his tight schedule. 

Malayalam actress Laxmi Rai is coming back Malayalam movies after a gap. The actress was last seen in Mammootty's Rajadhi Raja. Popular actresses Anu Sithara is joining with megastar for the first time. Shamna Kasim will be appearing in the movie as a police officer. Shama paired with Mammootty earlier for few movies and she too thrilled with his new project. Shamna Kasim commented that it was Mammootty who suggested her role in Oru Kuttanadan blog and also for the upcoming movie Madhura Raja. Wishing all the best to the Oru Kuttanadan blog movie team and hope it will be a feel-good family entertainer.

Oru Kuttanadan Blog Review first reports and response

Oru Kuttanadan blog Mammootty receiving good reports

Oru Kuttanadan blog movie Review Mammootty Lakshmi rai is good

Oru Kuttanadan blog movie Review - A feel Good Entertainer

Oru Kuttanadan blog movie Review - Must Watch Entertainer

Oru Kuttanadan blog movie Review- Mammootty Anu Sithara treat to watch

Which is the Best Movie Scene of Mohanlal?

Which is the best scene of MohanlalThousands of fans are often asking which is the best movie scene of Mohanlal? It is just like asking someone to counts the stars on the sky as this great actor Mohanlal’s most of the characters are epitomized. This meticulous actor is always living in his characters and always avoids clich├ęd movie experiments.

best scene of Mohanlal is spadikam
Best movie scenes of Mohanlal definitely we have watched persistently from his award-winning movies like Bharatham, Vanaprastham, Dashratham, and Kireedam. Mohanlal always transcending the director’s requirement and the result always end up in exemplary magic on the silver screen.

Director Priyadarshan had commented on Mohanlal’s performance that his perfection of Mohanlal is because of dedication. Mohanlal never commits multiple projects at a time as he is believed in the perfection of every work he undertakes. For the upcoming movie Odiyan he had lost his weight by following the strict diet and exercise to turn the character of the movie. Mohanlal physically trimmed and completed Odiyan movie portions with ease although only he can accomplish such a great change in Malayalam cinema.
Which is the best scene of Mohanlal in Malayalam

Bhamaram is another movie directed by Blessy in which Mohanlal's character was with an antagonist shade but a protagonist. Mohanlal as Shivankutty transforms as a tormentor and sometimes as a vigilante leaving a lasting impact even after the film. The highly packaged action sequence by this complete actor ferociously making his scenes is outstanding. The viewers are ropes in an eerie state of mind with the infuriated acting of Mohanlal can be considered as one of the best movie scenes in his career.

The best movie scenes of Mohanlal could be found in every bit of his frames. It doesn’t matter the success of the movie but Mohanlal always performs his best always that’s why being called as the complete actor. During the shooting of a Telugu movie Janatha Garage, his co-actor commented on Mohanlal that even his fingers are acting at the time of an emotional scene. We are all very lucky to witness the magic of Mohanlal’s acting over the last four decades and wait for his prolific wonders to continue.

The best train journey in India - Punalur Aryankavu in Kerala

Punalur Aryankavu train
Do you want to enjoy the best train journey in India; then come to Kollam district and travel from Punalur to Aryankavu. Board the train from Punalur railway station to Aryankavu which will take you approximately an hour to reach the destination. The stunning visuals make breathless through this unforgettable travel. 

The railway line passing through mountains and forest with teak trees. Enjoy the waterfalls and misty mountains offer you the peak of enjoyment. There are so many tunnels in this way and it is a spectacular experience. It was earlier was a meter gauge in this route which changed to a normal railway track.
Aryankavu railway tunnel

Punalur Aryankavu train

Malayalam Actor Jayan's Death Unknown truth and shady facts

Jayan left us thirty-eight years back but still, we all cherish his everlasting memory. It is still unknown the real truth behind his death. This case closed up in conclusion that he died after the helicopter crashed in which he was trying board during the climax of Malayalam movie Kolilkkam. It is very strange to know that there were no safety measures taken care before shooting of such a critical action scene.

Jayan in Angadi

They must have used solid rubber mats, beds or even the grass area could be saved Jayan's life. The crew of the film simply started the shooting the action scene on a rough surface at the Sholavaram airstrip at Chennai. We still don't understand why they could not do the portion shot on a beach or above any lake. There was not any action taken against those people behind this movie for this serious negligence.  They could easily use a bed of straw and save his life.

After thirty-eight years also after Jayan's demise, it is unbelievable that Jayan is having huge fas flow in Kerala. Majority of the fans might be kids at the time of Jayan's tragic end happened and all of them have become diehard followers of Jayan. Two years back there was a memorial function took place in Kozhikode with veteran director late IV Sasi. 
Jayan death News

During the show on the stage, they have shown few scenes from Angadi. When Jayan was telling the English dialogue " Maybe we are poor but not beggers " the crowd literally extolling the moments. IV Sasi was very happy to see the crowd reaction and told; If Jayan were today he would have become the best star in the Indian cinema.

Jayan in karimpanaJayan was very hard working and dedicated in his work. Jayan approached each film with a passion. Jayan and IV Sasi had a good relationship and Sasi helped him to reach the superstardom offer him movies like Angadi, Meen, and Karimpana. 

IV Sasi remembered during the shooting of Karimpana there were scenes of Jayan climbing the karimpana tree which Jayan was doing very easily. IV Sasi surprised to see that and appreciate Jayan. Later on, Sasi came to know that Jayan was practicing the whole night with the help of local people to climb on Karimpana for the perfection of his scene. Jayan the legend left us leaving the unknown truth and shady facts about his tragic accident in Sholavaram Chennai.

Actress Sri Divya New Photos Movie Stills

Telugu actress Photos
Telugu Tamil film actress Sri Divya New Photos Movie Stills. This young pretty actress rose to fame initially with television. Her popular movies in Telugu are Bus stop and Mallela Theeram Lo Sirimalle Puvvu . Critics wrote that Sri Divya derives applause for setting a classic example of perfect acting, portraying an independent woman.

Sri Divya’s Tamil debut was Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam was a success paired with Shivakarthikeyan in the lead.  Gorgeous actress Sri Diva acting epitomizes the perfection and critically acclaimed the lip-sink portions in the movie. Sri Divya Photo Gallery is from Tamil and Telugu movies
Tamil Actress Sri Divya New Photos Actress Sri Divya pics
Actress Sri Divya New Photos

Actress Sri Divya New Photos Movie

Actress Sri Divya New Photos Movie Stills